New Garage Door

Choosing Your New Garage Door

What kind of door do I need? Where do I even start? Choosing is the hardest part of installing a new garage door. First thing to remember is, residential and business garage doors have multiple functions. They’re a central part of a property’s security, but also an extension of the decor and beauty of an estate. With this in mind, when installing a new garage door there are 2 basic steps to making the right choice

Choosing Your Material

First things first, choosing the right material! There are a variety of materials your garage doors can be made with, so you need to make the perfect choice. The four most common are:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Steel

Not only do each of these have their own unique benefits, but Garage Door Repair Studio City can also help guide you through the picking process.

As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for natural elegance and charm, then wood should be your choice. Garage door owners often choose cedar or mahogany due to them being easy to stain or paint.

Vinyl doors are designed to seal out all elements. Rain, snow, or even extreme heat. No matter the issue, these doors will not warp, split, or crack.

Aluminum doors are great due to the low maintenance they require and their rust resistance. These doors have a more modern look and pair well with glass windows, providing natural light to your garage door.

Steel is the most popular garage door type. Safe to say that the upkeep is easy, and they’re very durable. Not to mention, you can emboss wood grain patterns on them to give them a real wood look.

Choosing Your Perfect Style

Once you decide on the material, you’ll need to pick the design. When settling on a concept ask yourself, what will improve my garage’s curb appeal? Your options include three major styles available today:

  • Carriage house
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary

Traditional garage doors match the architect of most homes. Keep in mind, these designs generally feature either long or short raised panels.

Carriage house garage doors are fashioned to recreate the look of a nineteenth century wood carriage house entrance. Additionally, you can also customize these doors with or without large windows.

Contemporary garage doors are made with aluminum and glass. Uniquely, these doors have smooth, opulent surfaces to complement the clean architecture of a modern home or business.

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